Athletic Performance

Management of peak foot pressures is the key to comfort and enhanced performance in many competitive athletic events. AcuStep DPRO™ orthotics are designed to be specific to the athletic endeavor allowing the athlete to function at his/her highest level. Since the measurement for the AcuStep custom orthotics is done in the specific footwear and activity of the athlete, all movement, motion and gait is considered when designing a custom orthotic for the sport. For example, an athlete doing a lot of cutting activities may require a special orthotic relief at a precise location (perhaps 5th met head - side of foot) and to a specific degree depending on the location and load. No other orthotic system can respond to this issue except by guessing – educated or otherwise.

AcuStep can assist treating physicians, athletic trainers and physical therapists with their athletes by:
  • Obtaining pre-season pre-injury in-shoe foot pressure analysis for baseline database
  • Fitting with pressure redistributing orthotics for those with high foot pressures
  • Developing objective and specific post injury return to sport guidelines
  • Hopefully minimizing the injury severity, extent and rate

Sports Injury Challenges and Issues:
  • Athletes often deny an injury
  • Athletes often view foot pain as “something to ignore or work through” rather than seeking early intervention.
  • Peak foot pressure in football cleats, baseball spikes, basketball and soccer shoes, etc. is a precursor to pain and injury
  • Foot calluses, blisters and pain are an indication for intervention
  • “Small injuries” can become the "tipping point" for major complications
  • An injury to one team member can affect the entire team’s effectiveness

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